LOS ANGELES, CA – Grooby proudly announced award-winning performer and industry icon Domino Presley is exclusively directing a series of movies as part of Grooby’s Platinum DVD line. Presley’s first DVD will be released later this year.

“It’s been just over eight years since Domino first appeared on GroobyGirls.com and she’s been back a number of times on that and our other sites, our DVD lines and in VR, as well as being a great brand ambassador for us and the Transgender Erotica Awards,” said Steven Grooby. “When she approached me a few months ago with a full synopsis, casting and branding for a DVD,  it was a pleasure to be able to support her in this transition into production and directing. I think it’s fantastic to see a performer of her prestige looking to create a new role for herself in trans porn and from what I’ve seen and heard from the set, we’re in for a very special Grooby Platinum release when it’s ready.”

“I’ve always preferred being in charge,” said Domino Presley. “Before I was in porn, I usually held a management position wherever I worked and I definitely missed that power. I’ve been in this industry a year shy of a decade and I took a lot of mental notes on what I felt trans erotica was missing.

“Being a performer I have first-hand experience on what the girls go through regularly on set and I really wanted to focus on giving the girls a more comfortable working environment where it felt more like friends hanging out and not so much of a boys club.”

Presley’s first release, Domino Presley’s House of Whores, is scheduled for release later this year. It will be available for purchase at GroobyDVD.com.

She added, “Also, we tend to see a lot of the same stuff in movies so I wanted to put some fresh ideas out there. Grooby was my first choice of who I wanted to make this movie with. They are like family to me and Grooby is where I started and also where Trans porn started. I felt it only appropriate.”


Founded in 1996, Grooby is the leading producer of trans erotica. In addition to operating over 30 membership sites, the company produces nearly 50 DVDs a year and hosts the annual TEAs (Transgender Erotica Awards) held in Hollywood, CA. More information about the three-day event can be found at theTEAShow.com.

In 2017, the company took over the editorial content for Transformation, the world’s most popular transgender lifestyle magazine. For more information, visit Grooby.com or follow them on Twitter at @GroobyDotcom.


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